Auckland Airport








Where is the branch located?

Find Dollar at the Hertz/Thrifty counter located just outside the Domestic arrival gate for Domestic customers and for International passengers counters are located next to International arrival gate.

Auckland Airport Information

Please secure your vehicle when returning and hand over the keys to one of the staff either in the car park or in the counters which are in both the terminals.

Please secure your vehicle and drop the keys in the drop box located in the Domestic office, for Domestic Returns and for international returns, please drop the key in the international counter located inside the Terminal. Please note, we don’t have a drop box at the international booth, hence, keys need to be returned in the Office located inside the International Terminal.

We are operational to all the domestic and international flights and committed to service all the incoming customers. If you have arrived at the branch and it is closed and if you haven't made prior arrangements for an after-hours collection you will need to pick-up your rental car the following day. Please contact our branches during business hours to arrange an alternative pick-up time.

If you are running late and you won't be able to collect your rental car at the allocated time, it is important to get in touch with the branch you are collecting from so that we can make alternate arrangements. If you have arrived at the branch and it is closed and if you haven't made prior arrangements for an after-hours collection you will need to pick-up your rental car the following day. Please contact our branches during business hours to arrange an alternative pick-up time.

Car Rental Auckland Airport

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new vacation spot, and your arrival at Auckland airport will be full of excitement, anticipation, and curiosity for your time ahead in this country. Thankfully, exploring will never be easier, thanks to your rental car from Dollar Auckland Airport. 

Auckland is in the North Island of New Zealand; separated into two islands, New Zealand is an incredible vacation location, thanks to its 15,000 kilometres of spectacular coastline, as well as rugged mountains, glaciers, and beautiful lakes. 

New Zealand would not be easy to travel and explore without a car, but thankfully, your Dollar rental will make adventuring easy. You can choose to explore the local area to Auckland, or venture elsewhere, to Rotorua, Mount Maunganui, or Waiheke Island. 

Explore Auckland, with Dollar

You’ll likely feel jet-lagged and disorientated following your long-haul flight into Auckland Airport. So, why not drive out to one of the many beaches surrounding the city of Auckland? There are plenty to choose from, like St Heliers, Mission Bay, or Herne Bay. 

Or head to Piha and watch the waves and surfers. Piha is a notorious black sand beach - it is absolutely beautiful, the birthplace of New Zealand surfing, and well worth a venture out to walk around and explore. 

Once you’re familiar with your surroundings, it’s time to explore some of the tourist attractions within Auckland CBD. Notably, the Sky Tower, where you’ll see the sights as well as enjoy an impressive view across the Auckland skyline. Standing at 328 metres, there are several ways to enjoy the Auckland Sky Tower, like the SkyJump or SkyWalk, for example. 

The SkyJump is a favourite amongst adrenaline-loving tourists. As part of the AJ Hackett experiences, the SkyJump involves bungee jumping off a 192-metre-high platform. While falling, you’ll experience speeds of up to 85kph and free-fall for up to 11 seconds! The SkyWalk is also run by AJ Hackett, who have been creating adrenaline-filled experiences for over 33 years. This walk involves walking outside and around on the platform, nearly 200-metres in the sky. It’s certainly a memorable experience. 

If heights aren’t your thing, but you don’t want to miss out on the trip, head to the restaurants, The Sugar Club or Orbit 360, which is a revolving restaurant situated at the top of the tower. However you choose to experience the Sky Tower, it’ll be a memorable part of your vacation. 

Take a road trip with Dollar

There are several stunning locations right at Auckland Airport’s doorstep. Waiheke Island is a short 40-minute ferry ride from the port of Auckland. Famed for its beautiful beaches, and incredible wineries, this is a day trip quite unlike any other! Venture between wineries and try some of the most famous wines in the world (but please remember to enjoy them safely, and always have a designated driver for when you return to the mainland).

Another impressive destination is Rotorua. Two hours from Auckland airport, Rotorua is renowned for its geothermal activity and Māori culture. As it sits in the Pacific Rim of Fire, Rotorua quite simply always has some kind of activity going on. Relax in the hot springs, marvel at the geysers, and experience traditional Māori culture as you learn about the history and importance of the Māori people. 

Visiting New Zealand will always be an unforgettable experience, and your vacation from Auckland Airport will be unlike any other trip. It’s no wonder that this mountainous location has been the backdrop to many famous films throughout the years! Be prepared to always have your camera charged and ready because we guarantee any road trip you take will be full of camera stops. Thankfully, you’ll always be road-trip-ready, thanks to Dollar Auckland Airport. 

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