Sometimes things don’t go to plan. That’s why Dollar Basic Protection is included with every booking. With Basic Protection, liability will be payable in the event of damage to or loss of the vehicle.  

Dollar also offers additional protection products so you can enjoy your journey with greater peace of mind. 

To find out more or to add one of these protection options to your booking, speak with our friendly staff at the Dollar counter.

Dollar Plus

Want complete peace of mind on your travels? Choose Dollar Plus Protection to reduce your liability to $0.



  • Zero liability payable for any damage to your vehicle 

  • Waives liability for theft or loss to vehicle

  • Zero liability payable for any glass or tyre damage

Dollar Extra

Dollar Extra Protection is a more cost-effective option and reduces your liability significantly if the vehicle is damaged or stolen.



  • Reduces your liability payable for damage to the vehicle 

  • Reduces your liability payable for loss / theft of the vehicle 

  • No liability to pay for any damage to glass and tyres

Premium Roadside Assistance

Premium Roadside Assistance provides cover for any callouts relating to incidents that are your fault. For example; locking your keys in the car or running out of fuel. 


  • Assistance if you lose your keys or can’t access the vehicle

  • Assistance if you have a flat battery or run out of fuel

  • Flat tyre replacement

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